A Chinese Bazaar Near Me

A Chinese Bazaar Near Me

Whether you’re visiting China or just looking for a great place to shop, a Chinese bazaar near you is a great way to get your shopping fix. This is particularly true in places such as Kolkata, India, which has a huge array of shops to choose from. You’ll also find a lot of other things to do in this part of the world, including hiking and sightseeing.

About China Bazar in Kolkata

Known as the Old China Bazar, Kolkata is a city with a thriving Chinese-Indian population. It is one of the few places in the world that has its own Chinatown. The area was home to 20,000 ethnic Chinese Indian nationals in the past. Today, the number has fallen to about 2000.

The Old China Bazar has a number of notable features. For starters, it is the best place to get a good second hand book. It is also a popular destination for purchasing country-made furniture. There are some computer hardware repairing shops here as well. In addition to the usual wares, you can find therapeutic balms, sun-dried fish, and jasmine tea.

The Chinese have been generous in their contributions to Kolkata’s cuisine. The most popular dish in this city is Indo-Chinese Hakka noodles. The dish is a combination of Sichuan and Cantonese flavors. The dish is served with a clear soup.

The first Chinese restaurant in Kolkata was located in the Toong On Church, which was erected in 1924. The Chinese-Indian population has played a significant role in defining the culinary offerings of the city.

Aside from the obvious foodie attractions, the China Bazar also serves as a sublocality of the larger Bara Bazar area. A number of busses run here. The bazar also hosts a number of temples and clubs.

Shopping options in China Bazar in Kolkata

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or you are on a shopping spree, Kolkata has some amazing shopping options. The city is home to several iconic markets. From traditional street markets to chic malls, the city offers a wide range of retail options. So, what are the best places to shop in Kolkata?

If you are a fan of branded products, you should definitely visit Quest Mall. Located in the vibrant heart of Kolkata, this mall is ideal for brand conscious people. It is also home to a number of restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities. Besides, its well-managed parking and attractive collections make it a perfect place for all types of shoppers.

Aside from shopping, tourists can also enjoy some of the city’s most celebrated festivals. During the Durga Puja season, the city is crowded with shoppers. In case you don’t like crowds, it is recommended to avoid visiting the market during weekends.

The market is known for its colorful and choosable items. It offers everything from clothing to electronics and footwear. You can also find some good bargains here. It is one of the best places to buy souvenirs in Kolkata.

The best time to visit the market is in the morning. You can find fresh produce at reasonable prices here.

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