Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to take on the city’s most powerful organized crime syndicates and rebuild his life in the wake of a devastating personal loss. The series is part of a two-part crossover beginning with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S22E09 Return of the Prodigal Son (I).

At an abandoned warehouse, Elliot and a team bust in to find fake documents, including a duplicate Italian ID that Stabler has on hand. They also find a hookah joint run by an African-American woman (Tamara Taylor from Bones) who doesn’t seem to be interested in helping with the investigation.

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1. Elliot Stabler is back.

After leaving SVU, Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is back for a big two-episode crossover between Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Law and Order: Organized Crime. This is a major event for fans of the show, as Meloni starred in the series for 12 seasons from 1999-2011.

In this season, Stabler is now a cop in NYPD’s Organized Crime task force. He’s working on cases involving human trafficking, organized crime and anti-terrorism.

On the first episode of his new arc, Stabler is assigned to work with an Albanian mob member who wants to take over the cocaine trade in New York City. He also finds himself undercover as an ex-con in an Albanian crime group.

However, Stabler isn’t completely happy in his new role. His post-traumatic stress disorder is deteriorating, and he’s become increasingly depressed. While he’s still willing to do everything in his power to bring down a bad guy, it seems like the job is taking a toll on him.

It’s a good thing that Stabler has a strong partner in Sergeant Ayanna Bell, who is willing to help him through this rough patch. The episode also has an interesting scene where Benson comes to talk to Stabler about her own experience with gang violence.

While I don’t necessarily think the episode was intended to set up a relationship between Benson and Stabler, it’s a good reminder of how much they care about each other. This is something that’s been missing from the show since Meloni left SVU in 2011. I hope this is just the beginning of some really interesting stories for both of them. If the series continues to take up its mantra of character-centric episodes, I’m sure we’ll see more of the Stabler/Benson partnership in the future.

2. Stabler’s wife is dead.

As he reunites with his former SVU partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Elliot Stabler finds himself dealing with the murder of his wife Kathy. It’s one of the most powerful episodes of a Law & Order spinoff that fans have been waiting for.

It’s also the episode where Stabler first makes his big break as a cop. He joins the NYPD as an investigator and is quickly assigned to a special task force that focuses on investigating crime syndicates.

In the episode, Stabler’s CI is working with OCCB to investigate a guy who has organized crime connections. They go to the location of a woman who has been seen on Mark Sirenko’s phone and find her. The teen is arrested and then Stabler’s team raids the house where they find a 14-year old girl in a bedroom.

Meanwhile, Angela Wheatley (Megan Follows) is undergoing a mental health crisis and is trying to get her son Richie out of prison. When Richard calls to talk to her, Stabler tells her that her ex-husband killed their son and that he is the one who murdered her husband.

After following Carisi’s advice and talking to Wheatley, Stabler manages to get him to admit that he killed his wife because she was afraid she’d be found out by Angela. But in court, a jury returns deadlocked on the murder charge and Wheatley ends up escaping to freedom.

Despite this setback, Stabler remains determined to do what he can to make things right. He gets into Wheatley’s head and realizes that his partner was involved with the murder of his wife, but he still thinks that they can work together to bring him down.

3. Stabler is a cop.

Stabler is a NYPD detective with the Organized Crime task force. He’s back on the job after a decade in Rome to take down a criminal boss involved in his wife’s death.

Throughout the show, viewers will encounter mafia crime and violence, including murder, assassination attempts, and drug use. Several swear words are used, including “damn,” “hell,” “ass,” and “bitch.” There is also an undercurrent of tension about racially motivated police shootings.

While Stabler isn’t a dirty cop per se, his behavior often crosses the line into abusive and violent conduct. He has an extensive history of misconduct, which includes a number of incidents where he physically assaulted his suspects and violated their constitutional rights.

The first episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime kicks off with an arrest for Richard Wheatley, son of longtime New York City crime boss Manfredi Sinatra and a suspect in the murder of Kathy Stabler. Nearly all of the charges against Wheatley are dropped, though, due to his cooperation with investigators.

Meanwhile, Amanda Rollins is on a case that echoes her past on Law & Order: SVU. The rape victims claim that they were raped by cops, and she tells Elliot to tread carefully in their investigation.

It’s a surprise crossover event that does give Elliot a bit of closure on his past with SVU, but it does also send a message to the viewer about systemic racism in America. It’s a smart move by the network to tackle this important issue.

Now that Stabler is back on the job, we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. He’s got a lot to live up to, and his return has already started making waves among fans.

4. Stabler is a crook.

In this week’s episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Elliot Stabler finally reemerges. After a long absence from the series, Stabler (Christopher Meloni) returns to New York City after his wife’s murder to join a police task force led by Sergeant Ayanna Bell, where he hopes to find her killers and make amends with Benson.

During the season premiere, viewers were introduced to Stabler’s crooked past, including his tainted record of misconduct as a detective and his close call with death. After being shot by white supremacist Kyle Ackerman and his associate Christopher Rawlings in the courtroom during the trial of Brian Ackerman, Stabler was rushed to Bellevue Hospital.

He has since worked with the NYPD, but he also has some ties to the Mafia. He has a criminal history that includes drug dealing, assaulting suspects and violating their constitutional rights.

But he has also a long history of attempting to make up for those sins by becoming a better, more morally correct cop. He has a lot of trouble with anger management and often gets into fights with his partner Benson, who he sees as his biggest problem.

His latest escapades start strong, but it seems like they might be headed in the wrong direction. He’s already causing trouble with a group of undercover cops who have been hired by Richard Wheatley to charm Bernadette (Liris Crosse), a member of the mafia who is working for Contrapos, the online pharmaceutical company that is suspected to be controlled by the Mafia.

If the series is going to keep bringing back Stabler, I’d really like to see him make some serious amends with his fellow detectives. He’s a great cop and his character has a lot of redeeming qualities, but his crooked past needs to come home to roost. It would be interesting to see what kind of a show the franchise could make out of him if it started slowly, then worked its way up to a climax that dealt with the consequences of his crimes.

5. Stabler is a detective.

Stabler is a New York City detective with a military background and a strong sense of justice. He is also a strong and passionate family man, though he doesn’t always treat his wife Kathy with the respect she deserves.

A Marine, Stabler is a hand-to-hand combat specialist and served in Operation Desert Storm. He also has three tattoos, including the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on his forearm (the official emblem of the Marine Corps) and a crucifix on his left bicep.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Stabler was a part-time cop for many years before becoming a full-time detective. He eventually worked his way up the ranks and became the head of the NYPD’s Organized Crime Unit.

In the season premiere, Stabler is excited to see his old partner Benson back at SVU. Benson recognizes that Stabler is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and urges him to get help. She even attempts to stage an intervention with Stabler’s children, but Stabler rebuffs her and refuses to seek help.

During his time at SVU, Stabler also gets to know new detective Jamie Whelan. They both are very excited to start their careers at the Organized Crime unit.

Meanwhile, Bell is unhappy with Stabler for investigating Henry’s death against her orders. She tries to get her partner to apologize, but Stabler brushes her off and says he’s “a Blue Lives Matter guy.”

Later in the episode, Stabler and Bell help Sgt. Shaw and Cosgrove crack Sirenko’s drug empire, but the drug lord’s nephew, Reggie Bogdani (Dash Mihok), botches their hit on Teddy Garcia.

As the episode ends, Stabler and Bell are working together to catch Wheatley. The crooked businessman has made moves to elevate his operations, but they discover that Wheatley is actually Angela Wheatley’s ex-husband and was responsible for her son’s death.

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