Top 5 Online Credit Card Apps: Know the Features and Benefits

Top 5 Online Credit Card Apps: Know the Features and Benefits

An online credit card app is the need of the hour, especially for the tech-savvy generation. With mobile devices always at hand, it’s easier to control and monitor all transactions through mobile apps rather than emails and net banking. 

To boost convenience and offer instant access, most financial institutions have introduced their own mobile-based applications. This opens up a great avenue for you to take care of your finances on the go.

Logging into a separate device or spending hours on the phone with customer service is now a thing of the past. You can read, review, change and manage your credit card activity instantly. Here’s what you can expect from credit card apps in 2024 and the top apps you can rely on. 

How to Use Credit Card Apps Smartly 

Here are a few key benefits you can enjoy with an online credit card app.  

Track Your Expenses 

One of the most basic features of such apps is that give you accurate information regarding your credit card transactions. So, rather than relying on your credit card statement, you can track all your bills and payments on the app in real-time.

This feature is ideal for:

  • Money management
  • Refining your budget
  • Controlling unnecessary expenses
  • Identifying fraud

Access Customer Service

If you need assistance regarding your credit cards, there is no need to write an email or call your issuer’s helpline. A more effective way to deal with this is to raise the request directly on your credit card app and communicate with a representative through chat. 

This is a fast-paced solution, rather than staying on hold until you get connected with a customer care executive. Most issuers opt for automatic messaging and AI technology to give you a solution faster.

Check the Outstanding Credit Limit

Maintaining a decent credit limit at all times is a good idea for many reasons. For one, it helps you have credit accessible in case of any emergency or unexpected expense. Moreover, a high credit utilisation ratio has a negative impact on your credit limit. 

Therefore, you must always use less than 40% of your credit limit to maintain a good score. Furthermore, if you make withdrawals above your designated credit limit, it will attract an over-limit fee, adding to your financial burden. In some cases, your payment may also be declined. To avoid all this, keeping an eye on your balance via an online credit card app is a smart solution. 

Make Payments

Credit card apps also let you make payments through UPI, net banking, credit cards, and other modes. This gives you the flexibility to choose the most comfortable option while making the payments. Using a virtual card via your mobile also helps you avoid different types of fraud and enhance security. 

Receive Alerts

Keeping up to date with your credit card activities is not optional. Be it a transaction, a new offer, an upcoming due date, or anything else, you need to always be in the know. For this precise reason, a mobile application is key to your financial awareness. With a quick alert or notification, you can take action at the right time. 

Check Offers and Rewards 

Are you about to go shopping for electronics? Wouldn’t it be great to know which stores and brands you can get instant discounts at when using your credit card? That’s exactly what a credit card app allows you to do. 

It also helps you track your reward points and know which transaction gives you more points. To earn accelerated points, you often have to spend over a minimum threshold. An app helps you monitor this, too, so you can make the most of your points.

Some credit cards have points that expire. You can use an app so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to use the points for discounts, cashback and other benefits. Such apps also make it easy for you to redeem points. 

Top Online Credit Card Apps For You To Explore 

Here are some of the best credit cards with their mobile applications and features that facilitate a better user experience. 

One Credit Card

  • Enjoy instant virtual card activation with this full-stack mobile app
  • Convert bills into EMIs on the app and manage installments via the dashboard 
  • Share and track your credit limit with your family via the app
  • Easily view offers around you and swipe to activate 
  • Explore international travel and budget all expenses with the MyTrips feature and an in-built forex calculator 
  • Set spending limits for each category and get budget alerts via the app 

iMobile Pay, ICICI 

  • Easily block, upgrade or change credit card limit on the app 
  • Get access to loans and invest in FD, SIPs and more 
  • Link bank account and download statements 
  • Scan to pay contacts, irrespective of which payment app they use 
  • Sign up for insurance policies digitally 

SBI Card Mobile App

  • Download this one-stop solution on Android as well as iOS
  • Login through MPIN, touch ID or by setting digital credentials 
  • Control all credit card activities and transactions via the app
  • Pay securely using Bharat QR
  • Access EMI facility and loan options for effortless financial management 

To access any of these credit card apps, simply apply for a credit card from that financial institution. But before you click apply, make sure you choose the best credit card for your unique financial requirements. Looking for a card that’s an all-rounder with a range of benefits? Consider applying for the One Credit Card. 

With this card, you get 5X reward points on the top two spending categories in a month, as well as a range of offers and discounts. With an app built on full-stack technology, you can spend more confidently than ever before. Apply now to explore the wide range of benefits.

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