What is LogicalDOC ?

What is LogicalDOC ?

LogicalDOC can be installed on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has an innovative and next-generation web interface that enables users to easily create and co-author documents. It also lets users share these documents securely. This greatly improves collaboration and communication and bolsters productivity.

LogicalDOC is a document management system that can also be used as a knowledge management system. It enables members to access their digital documents regardless of time and location.

It is a document management system

LogicalDOC is a powerful document management system that is easy to use and allows users to easily share documents. The software also allows for limiting access to documents and clearly shows who has accessed them.

The software can be installed on multiple operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Its next-generation web interface simplifies document creation and enables collaborative work, which results in increased productivity and efficiency. Its cross-platform functionality also allows it to import from shared files, automatically synchronizing the latest versions of documents.

It can help businesses improve their internal communication and collaboration and save time and money. It provides document and knowledge management solutions to companies of all sizes. This includes financial services, mechanical engineering, medium-sized municipalities and more. Documents can be searched by content and metadata, using a tag search engine and optical character recognition. Its secure central repository makes it possible to eliminate paper documents, freeing up priceless storage space.

It is a knowledge management system

LogicalDOC is a knowledge management system that allows companies to organize and easily access their information. It improves information retrieval and allows employees to work collaboratively. It also helps businesses become paperless and saves money by eliminating the need for file cabinets. Its next-generation, innovative, and intuitive web interface makes it easy for users to create and co-author documents while allowing them to share them securely. It is also compatible with a wide range of hardware and software.

It has a variety of features that make it ideal for business and home use, including optical character recognition and barcode scanning. It also has automated workflows that can manage the life cycle of a document, and version control keeps track of who changed a document and when.

The software is available as a stand-alone product or can be installed on a shared server. It is scalable and highly collaborative. Its support engineers respond quickly to any questions or concerns.

It is a cloud-based system

LogicalDOC is a document management system that lets users access their files whenever they want. It has a unique interface and offers complete functionality for sharing documents with others. It also supports multiple operating systems and is easy to use. This makes it a great choice for businesses with distributed teams.

The software offers a wide range of features, including optical character recognition (OCR), barcode recognition, forms management, document archiving, and tagging. It can even scan paper documents and automatically convert them into digital files. This feature enables the automation of data entry and helps save time and money.

LogicalDOC also provides cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your files in case of a disaster. All files are stored in a secure, offsite location and backed up to geographically safe zones. The software comes with a free open source version, and the commercial versions come with additional functions and support. Moreover, the open source version works well for most purposes.

It is a collaborative system

LogicalDOC is a collaborative system that allows users to work on projects in different places. Its innovative and intuitive web interface simplifies document creation, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The software also works on various operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

It allows teams to create, coordinate and co-author documents using an enterprise-grade platform. This solution streamlines all processes that are related to documents and helps in automating business tasks and workflows. Its advanced technology ensures rapid content retrieval and allows for easy integration with other applications. It also hastens collaboration and enhances productivity, thanks to its high-tech UI and automated importing from shared folders.

The software provides a secure, interactive archive that is accessible to employees across the entire organization. This makes it easy to find the information that is needed, and it reduces employee search time by up to 30%. This saves the company time and money while increasing its productivity.

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