Bluecore 125m Series Georgian 1bmillertechcrunch

Bluecore 125m Series Georgian 1bmillertechcrunch

Bluecore, an e-commerce marketing technology company that transforms casual shoppers into lifetime customers for the world’s fastest growing retailers, has raised $125 million in its Series E funding round. Led by existing investor Georgian, the investment brings Bluecore’s total funding to more than $225 million and puts its valuation at $1 billion.

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What is Bluecore?

Founded in 2013, Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company that leverages predictive intelligence to transform the retailer-shopper experience. Powered by Google Cloud, its platform delivers cross-channel personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

With Bluecore, retailers can connect shopper identities, shopper behavior and product catalog data to deliver relevant messages across email, ecommerce websites and paid media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. The platform identifies a shopper’s identity, affinities and trends to deliver personalized content that increases purchase frequency and customer lifetime value.

It has a unique ability to match customer data with real-time product updates, enabling brands to build triggered campaigns that span all of their marketing programs. It also enables retailers to deliver the right message at the right time, resulting in increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

In addition, the platform is built to prioritize and deliver on mission critical ecommerce KPIs that directly influence retailer growth. These metrics include increased purchase frequency and customer lifetime value, which have driven billions in Gross Merchandising Value for hundreds of retailers.

Bluecore’s patented technology is designed specifically for retailers, integrating with their existing products and infrastructure. It combines real-time data and customer interaction with product information to drive intelligent and personalized merchandising, pricing and supply chain decisions.

This combination of data, insights and products is the secret to driving retail growth, as successful marketers must rely on a holistic understanding of their business to identify their best customers and take the appropriate actions. Currently, many retailers are struggling to adapt to this shift because they have legacy technologies that are not adapted to the world of online shopping.

The challenge is that these systems are too slow and inflexible to meet the need of today’s fast-paced digital world. In order to accelerate digital marketing, retailers need a new kind of technology that’s tailored for the retail industry, and Bluecore is that solution.

Moreover, the platform allows retailers to automate personalized communication with their customers through email and ecommerce websites, transforming casual shoppers into lifetime customers. By combining shopper and product data, Bluecore’s AI-driven workflow enables brands to manage these campaigns through a single interface.

How does Bluecore work?

Bluecore’s predictive retail AI platform unifies three traditionally disconnected data sets to identify shopper identity, shopper behavior and products engaged with. Positioned at the core of retailers’ digital marketing stacks, it leverages this first-party data to predict and execute on the exact experience a shopper should receive across owned and paid digital channels, including email, ecommerce websites and social media and search ads.

With a deep understanding of shopper intent, Bluecore acts on the volume and variety of real-time shopper signals that retailers need to grow customer loyalty. Using this predictive AI, Bluecore’s customers are able to build lifetime customer relationships that promote loyalty through personalised multi-channel experiences.

Founded in 2013, Bluecore focuses on enabling retail brands to personalize communications delivered through their email, ecommerce and paid media shopping experiences. Its patented shopper and product matching technology enables brands to match individual consumers with personalized campaigns that span all programs and channels, increasing relevance for shoppers and revenue for brands.

According to Bluecore CEO and founder Fayez Mohamood, the company’s technology is a vital part of the customer journey, allowing retailers to connect with shoppers in new ways. “Customer engagement has changed – it’s no longer a one-to-one conversation,” says Mohamood.

The company’s patented shopper and product matching capabilities are driving growth for some of the world’s fastest-growing omnichannel retailers, including Jockey, NOBULL, 4ocean, Lane Bryant and Foot Locker. The platform can also help prioritize mission-critical commerce key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling brands to increase purchasing frequency and customer lifetime value.

A 125m series georgian 1bmillertechcrunch

Earlier this year, Bluecore raised $125 million in a series E round led by existing investor Georgian. The round brings the company’s total funding to $225 million, and raises its valuation to $1 billion.

While Bluecore’s ecommerce product growth has grown since Georgian invested in it, co-founder and CTO Mahmoud Arram says that email remains the foundation of his company’s business. He points out that 68% of consumers still prefer email as a communication channel with retailers.

The company is growing quickly, with a headcount of more than 300 employees, and is looking to hire an additional 400 over the year. Its hiring team has a strong background in ecommerce and is focused on growing in the retail space.

What are the key features of Bluecore?

Bluecore is a retail marketing platform that uses AI to optimize and schedule email, ecommerce, and social media campaigns. Founded in 2013, the company’s predictive intelligence AI platform helps retailers identify shopper identity and behavior, and match products to shoppers’ interests.

The company aims to make a difference for retailers by helping them connect casual browsers into lifetime customers through its personalized product offerings and triggered communications. It’s backed by investors including Norwest, Georgian, and Privco.

Using its patented shopper and product matching technology, the company helps brands connect with casual browsers to transform them into lifelong customers. Its platform includes three elements: Bluecore Communicate, which is focused on automating personal emails; Bluecore Site, which helps predict and deliver a shopper’s ecommerce shopping experience; and Bluecore Advertise, which uses predictive modeling to target new and existing customer segments on paid media channels.

In addition to these core products, Bluecore offers other services that help retailers improve their omnichannel marketing strategies. Its newest product, Live Segments, lets marketers create campaign segments in hours, rather than days, by employing behavioral data from a website or mobile app, as well as product information.

It also offers a streamlined way to segment visitors to a website, so you can send fewer batch emails and see better revenue-per-email results. It’s been tested with several clients, including Volcom, Yamibuy, and Discount School Supply, which reported that it reduced the number of batch emails sent by 50 percent and delivered revenue-per-email that was three to four times higher than before.

The team at Bluecore is comprised of a diverse set of people with different backgrounds and experiences, which the company believes is important to its success. Chief executive officer Fayez Mohamood says that it’s crucial to build a culture that values inclusion, diversity and empathy for its employees.

CEO Fayez Mohamood said that his main focus as the leader of the company is to ensure the team’s success by investing in their future and helping them develop the skills they need to grow and thrive. He also emphasizes the importance of making sure employees are happy and well-represented.

What are the benefits of Bluecore?

Bluecore 125m series georgian 1bmillertechcrunch

Bluecore is a retail technology company that helps retailers transform casual shoppers into lifetime customers. It works with over 400 brands to connect shopper identity, product data and content to create personalized, multi-channel experiences that drive repeat purchases and increase brand loyalty. Its platform leverages predictive intelligence to make smart decisions based on shopper behavior and product insights, connecting consumers with unique products and offers across multiple channels in real-time.

According to the company, its solution is a “transformational product for digital retailers.” It is reimagining the way retailers communicate with shoppers through their email and ecommerce shopping experiences. Its technology replaces manual processes with a single, intelligent, AI-driven workflow, delivering personalized, high-performance campaigns that drive brand engagement and revenue growth.

Its solutions rely on machine learning models that determine a shopper’s lifetime value, affinities, receptivity to discounts and other traits, which are then used to create personalized shopper communications. These are delivered through email or directly on a shopper’s experience on a brand’s ecommerce site.

The company was founded in 2013 with a clear mission to help retailers dominate the shift to digital by connecting customers with unique products, contents and offers. Its software platform combines shopper and product data to forecast, personalised and deliver the finest customer experiences at scale through a combination of email, ecommerce sites, mobile apps and social media.

Unlike major marketing clouds and legacy technologies built for mass marketing, Bluecore prioritizes key ecommerce KPIs that impact retail growth and drive billions in Gross Merchandising Value (GMV). It unifies shopper and product data, enables a single view of a consumer’s journey, and delivers personalized experiences to maximize purchase frequency and customer lifetime value.

By integrating its technology with Google Cloud, which is designed to scale digital performance across enterprise brands with a direct-to-consumer business model, Bluecore gives marketers the tools they need to quickly launch shopper-centric campaigns that generate repeat sales and increase brand loyalty. By surfacing actionable insights at the intersection of 500+ million shopper profiles and over 150 million products, Bluecore’s patented technology allows retailers to act on these insights and develop strategies within minutes.

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