Standing Office Desks: A Break From Sitting!

Standing Office Desks: A Break From Sitting!

Long durations of sitting may be unavoidable if you have a sedentary lifestyle. You have always been aware that sitting all day is unhealthy for you, but people never take any preventative measures until it is too late. There might be times when you have to sit for a few hours. Working long hours and maintaining a hectic schedule might lead to extended periods of inactivity. Using suitable office furniture like a standing desk may help you avoid developing diseases associated with sitting all day. Health professionals have coined the phrase “sitting illness” to reflect the plethora of problems that may arise from sitting for long periods. Health (Alternating between sitting and standing during the day will improve your health in many ways). Here is a compiled list of the advantages of a standing desk.

Lower health risks

Prolonged sitting increases the risk of several diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Standing desks allow you to break up your sitting with periods of standing throughout the day. Even for brief periods, getting up and moving about may help decrease your diabetes and heart disease risk.

The best approaches to combat diabetes are to maintain an active lifestyle and to increase your level of physical activity. Sitting for long periods increases your metabolic rate and risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Even if one exercises often, sitting for lengthy periods can increase cancer risk.

It helps with back and neck pain.

Back and neck discomfort are common for those who sit for long periods. Too much time spent seated might put undue pressure on the spinal discs, perhaps resulting in degeneration. People develop improper posture and hunch over to maintain eye contact with a screen for extended periods. When working at a computer, neck strain may occur if the display isn’t positioned correctly, requiring the user to stoop over their work. Proper office furniture like ergonomic chairs and standing desks may be the answer to your pain-free neck and back health.

Boosts vigour and disposition.

You may have better stamina and mental clarity if you stand more often. Blood flows more freely while standing, bringing more oxygen to your muscles. Tiredness is a common side effect of prolonged sitting. The simple act of standing may do wonders for one’s attitude and energy levels, making it easier to resist exhaustion. Because of your revitalised state, you can work harder without being distracted.

Spike in Physical Activity

Standing all day is preferable to sitting. Even if standing still isn’t an actual activity, it does allow you to move about more as you work. In contrast to sitting at a desk, standing at work gives you greater freedom of movement in both the arms and legs. Standing mats, balancing boards, treadmills, and even exercise cycles are standard accessories for those who work at standing desks. You may thus improve your health by engaging in light to moderate activity while standing. Users of standing desks are more active. Thus they may burn more calories than those who work at traditional desks.

Better Posture and Ergonomics

Without good ergonomics, prolonged periods of sitting may cause significant strain on the spine. Ergonomic improvements are directly related to lessening instances of back and neck discomfort. Better posture will naturally result from standing, and your spine will appreciate the break from sitting. Nonetheless, you must know how to stand ergonomically to get the most out of standing desks. The secret to improving posture at your new standing desk is learning how to sit and stand in the most healthy ways possible.

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