Samsung Fastcompany VP Jaeyeon Jung Smarttag

Samsung Fastcompany VP Jaeyeon Jung Smarttag

Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeyeon Jung Talks SmartTag

Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeyeon Jung gives us an in-depth interview about the new Galaxy Smart Tag, which is launching alongside the company’s latest updates to its SmartThings ecosystem. These include Bixby voice-activated searches and Unknown Tag Search to help you find your belongings when they’re lost or stolen.

Learn more about the Galaxy SmartTag here.

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Cosmic System SmartTag

Earlier this year, Samsung released a vanilla SmartTag that offered location tracking over Bluetooth through its global network of Galaxy smartphones. This device could be attached to keys or your bag, and in theory it would be able to tell you where it was at all times, thanks to the accompanying SmartThings app.

The company’s newer SmartTag+ is a bit more advanced and offers even better location tracking through UWB (ultra-wideband) technology. It also supports augmented reality on recent Samsung devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and shows you its position on an AR map if you have a smartphone with that functionality.

While the SmartTag Plus is a bit pricey at $10, it’s worth spending that extra money if you own a Samsung flagship like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the Galaxy S21+. That’s because it provides a significant upgrade over the standard SmartTag, which relied on BlueTooth to transmit its data.

That’s because the SmartTag+ supports both Bluetooth and UWB to give you more precise location info than the original SmartTag. It can track its own position if it’s out of range of your phone, and will also show you its position in the augmented reality view when you’re looking at it from the camera or screen on your smartphone.

But the SmartTag+’s main strength is its integration with Samsung’s SmartThings system, which lets it ping nearby Samsung phones so that you can find its position when you’re away from your phone. You can also use this to ping a smart home gadget that’s also a part of SmartThings, like Philips Hue lights.

In our testing, the SmartTag Plus did a reasonable job at locating our Galaxy S21 Ultra when we were out and about. It was also able to give us an accurate position in the same way that Tile does.

However, it wasn’t as effective when we were in a building with thick walls and a lot of metal or stone on the inside. As we mentioned in our review of the SmartTag, Bluetooth signal transmissions are subject to electromagnetic limitations that make them less reliable outside of built-up areas, and the SmartTag+ doesn’t have any special hardware to avoid those issues.

World Smart Tag

The SmartTag from samsung fastcompany vp jaeyeon jung smarttag is a tiny tracker designed to help you find your keys, wallet, phone, etc. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you the ability to keep track of your belongings and notify you if they go missing. It is available in two flavors, a standard model and one that uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to pinpoint locations even more precisely.

The simplest version of the SmartTag connects via your Samsung Galaxy phone and works by sending its location to your phone whenever it detects the tag. It also keeps track of your paired items (keys, wallet, watches, earbuds) and lets you know when they’ve moved away from your location.

It’s a small and affordable device that you can place on your keychain, purse, backpack or pet. It’s powered by the very common and inexpensive CR2032 battery and can be easily replaced.

You can use the SmartTag to control and automate pre-set routines for smart home devices such as lighting, door locks or thermostats. Using an integrated button, you can activate these settings with a simple press or press and hold.

In the event that your smart tag is lost, another person’s SmartTag or a device that has opted in to the SmartThings Find network can locate it for you and alert you. You can then view the location of your tag on a map and search for it on your phone.

The SmartTag+ has all of the general capabilities of its predecessor, but also adds ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking and augmented reality (AR) features for more precise and detailed information about your tag’s whereabouts in the real world. This is a useful feature for people who want to keep tabs on their things, especially when you’re out in the boonies or away from your phone.

The SmartTag is a good solution for people who are looking for a basic, easy-to-use tracking device. Its UWB technology and AR features make it a little more advanced than rivals like Apple’s AirTag or Tile, while its $30 price tag makes it a good value.

Shop-Igniter Application

Samsung’s Fast Company VP Jaeyeon Jung is in charge of the SmartThings ecosystem, which includes apps and a vast backend that manages hundreds of millions of devices. She’s also in charge of SmartThings Find, which allows users to locate their wearables and other items with Bixby voice commands.

The Galaxy Smart Tag is an essential piece of the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem. It connects to an application on your phone, which is then used to control your home’s appliances and other gadgets. It’s a remote location device that communicates with your phones, allowing you to track and change settings for things like lights and temperature.

But the Galaxy Smart Tag is just the beginning of the company’s IoT ambitions, and it has a lot more going for it. For instance, it can be used to check and understand your items, providing shopping guidance that is often more accurate than a human would be.

It can also follow client ventures, gather input from groups and lead group discussions. It can even offer a virtual shopping companion, giving consumers the ability to scan items with a camera and see item data such as price and availability.

ShopIgniter, which launched in Portland in 2009 and is backed by Madrona and Trinity Ventures, has been focusing on social performance marketing for the last year or so. Previously, the company had focused on building storefronts for brands on Facebook. But Facebook didn’t become a commercial hub the way many thought it would, so ShopIgniter shifted its emphasis.

Item Scanner Application

Jaeyeon Jung is a samsung fastcompany vp, head of the SmartThings team and one of the 66 million active users of Samsung’s IoT platform. Her department has an equally impressive portfolio of smart gadgets spanning from wearables and the Galaxy S family of phones to SmartTags, a dazzling array of apps, and the vast backend that supports it all.

In short, her team has a winning game plan. Among the latest and greatest from Samsung are the Cosmic System SmartTag, World Smart Tag and Shop-Igniter application. The new gizmo also has a few more mundane applications, notably an eye-catching display and the ability to detect the latest Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.1 or higher. The aforementioned app also enlists the help of Bixby to bring a little bit of the magic into your home.

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