Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Ahmedabad

Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad serves as an economic engine of India and thus presents an ideal location for franchising ventures. Its prosperous demographics and strong focus on education make for an attractive market for preschool franchise opportunities.

Before diving into the preschool and daycare business, it’s vitally important to conduct extensive market research. This will enable you to determine whether the venture suits you personally as well as offer insight into managing it successfully.

To help make an informed choice it is essential to consider aspects such as educational excellence, scalability and financial security when making this choice. Keeping all these points in mind we have sorted the top 5 preschool franchises in Ahmedabad that you can opt for.


Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare offers a unique business model, which offers both financial success and positive social impact. As one of the nation’s premier preschool franchises, Footprints features cutting-edge curriculums and facilities with proven business models that ensure high parent satisfaction – ideal for aspiring edupreneurs seeking to break into this expanding industry.

Footprints’ unique curriculum promotes children’s intellectual, social and emotional growth – setting it apart among preschool franchises in India. Furthermore, this company provides franchisees with comprehensive support systems and training..

One of the key components of starting a preschool is selecting an ideal location. Footprints’ team will assist with this search process and the set up process as well as train you on their ethos and curriculum to ensure a complete understanding of their brand.

Footprints provides franchisees with comprehensive marketing campaigns and an expansive network of partners. Their marketing approach incorporates social media, community involvement and advertising in local newspapers; all to increase brand recognition and enroll new students for your school. Plus, Footprints will provide detailed reporting to keep an eye on progress while meeting goals – helping make informed decisions for maximizing business success!

Little Millennium Preschool

Daycare and preschool franchise industries present entrepreneurs with an interest in education an unparalleled opportunity. From full-fledged schools to playgroups, franchises provide support and guidance necessary for success. Parents looking for safe, nurturing education that’s fun can benefit greatly from franchise models like Little Millennium’s franchise model; moreover, investing can produce great returns.

Preschool franchise success requires an in-depth knowledge of educational systems and dedication to quality service delivery. Your franchisor should provide training programs to assist with running the business and developing skills, recruitment services for staff members who align with brand values, recruitment assistance as well as marketing services to market the new school to prospective customers and help attract prospective students.

Little Millennium was among the pioneering process-driven IP brands in an otherwise disjointed field of early childhood education. Its curriculum centers around imparting skill-based knowledge through the Seven Petal approach; Educomp’s R&D department was responsible for its development of its pedagogy.

Little Millennium Preschools is a prestigious chain of preschools owned and promoted by Educomp Solutions Ltd, one of India’s largest education companies. Every detail of this highly effective school is meticulously planned by their team of specialists with years of practical youth training experience to design elements which contribute to creating confident, smart, well-adjusted children. There are currently 280 centers across 65 cities serving over 15,000 children; its innovative learning approach makes Little Millennium one of the finest preschool chains nationwide today.


Preschool franchise businesses present entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to make an impactful difference in children’s lives. Opening a Eurokids playschool gives you access to the increasing demand for preschool education in your local market while taking advantage of brand support and training programs. When selecting your location, be mindful of factors like space availability, proximity to residential areas, and competition from existing preschools in your vicinity.

Eurokids’ pedagogy is built upon the belief that children learn through play. Our activities encompass music and movement classes, arts and crafts activities, dramatic play, sensory play and storytelling to foster children’s development as social beings while developing essential social skills for life like sharing and respecting others. Furthermore, the educational program at Eurokids promotes healthy lifestyle by encouraging physical activity through its educational program.

An education is the cornerstone of success in life for any child, so providing them with an enjoyable learning experience is of the utmost importance. For this to occur successfully, schools must possess all of the required resources and expertise as well as being budget friendly for both parents and children alike.

EuroKids stands out as an outstanding franchise opportunity, providing both a flexible franchise model and comprehensive curriculum. Their established track record of education reform in India speaks for itself; with over 1,140 schools currently under their franchise network. Furthermore, they provide extensive support through the EDGE 360 program to their franchisees.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School recognizes that early childhood experiences provide the basis for future development and, with modern educational tools incorporated into their pedagogy and curriculum, they strive to give their students every chance they need to increase their multiple intelligences while exploring and nurturing creativity and imagination.

Bachpan places equal emphasis on developing students’ social, emotional and physical development to foster holistic individuals. Additionally, the brand strives to ensure students gain life skills so they may excel in the future – this is why trips are regularly organized to introduce children to real world challenges. Furthermore, smart classes and other learning tools help children grasp concepts more easily – helping retain knowledge over a longer time and spurring mental development.

Starting a preschool franchise is one of the safest and most profitable business ventures available today, without needing any prior experience or technical qualifications to operate successfully. All it requires is 2000 sqft of space and an investment of Rs 12+ lakhs. Venture capitalists find the investment appealing as it provides them with a sense of fulfillment while working directly with children to help them flourish. Furthermore, entrepreneurs have access to an established support system and clear roadmap that help them establish their schools successfully. Bachpan currently boasts over 1,100 schools across India and is considered one of the premier preschool franchise opportunities available today. Their commitment is aimed at creating an unified future where each child contributes significantly to socio-economic progress of India.


If you want to make an impactful difference in children’s lives, investing in a Kidzee preschool franchise could be just what’s needed. This renowned educational brand strives to foster an atmosphere that offers warmth and love where young minds can develop into responsible adults while offering high returns on investment and no royalty fees.

Kidzee Preschools were established in 2003 as India’s premier chain of preschools, boasting over 900 branches in 550+ cities across India. Committed to providing children with the necessary education and nurturing their potential through innovative research by child development experts, Kidzee prioritizes teacher training to ensure its educators provide optimal instruction.

This company provides various services, including full-day care programs and specialized preschool curriculums tailored specifically for each child’s learning style and cognitive capabilities. Furthermore, its safe and secure environment fosters their success as young individuals flourish in this educational setting.

Kidzee offers an all-encompassing marketing strategy, which encompasses local advertising, social media campaigns and a dedicated website to help franchisees reach a wide audience and drive student enrollments. Furthermore, Kidzee also provides ongoing support and guidance to its franchisees; Shemrock’s Amol Arora discusses how regular meetings and guidance from Kidzee organization has enabled him to be successful with his preschool.

To become a Kidzee franchisee, applicants should be at least 26 years old with financial security. Training should also be available, and guidelines adhered to closely. Once all these criteria have been fulfilled, your journey towards owning an influential preschool can begin!

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