High Risk Pregnancy in Delhi

High Risk Pregnancy in Delhi

Pregnancy can be a remarkable journey for women, yet it may also pose risks. Certain medical and lifestyle conditions increase the risks for complications during gestation and delivery.

An pregnancy with high-risk complications requires extra care and consideration, which is why it’s advisable to consult an experienced high-risk pregnancy specialist doctor in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for both you and your unborn baby.

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Preventive Measures

Women carrying co-morbid conditions during gestation require special monitoring and medical care during their gestation, as these conditions are more serious than usual and could increase the risk of adverse outcomes for mother and baby. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to diagnose and treat which increases anxiety and stress for the mother.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is a top-rated and well-established gynaecologist in Delhi with extensive experience managing high risk pregnancies. She serves as a consultant at CloudNine Hospital in Noida as well as having her own clinic in Sec 104 to offer direct service directly to patients – something often lacking at larger hospitals.

She is known for her ethical, transparent, and compassionate medical practice – with over 130 patients having recommended her and 111 patient stories posted to Practo.

Early Diagnosis

Pregnancy can be an exciting journey, but sometimes can become complicated due to unexpected health conditions and external forces that put both mother and fetus at increased risk. Such pregnancies need additional support during gestation and investigation to ensure a positive experience for both parties involved.

Women with existing conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes or autoimmune disorders are at greater risk of high-risk pregnancies. Furthermore, factors like age and previous miscarriage increase this risk; those who experience problems like shortened cervixes or gestational hypertension also increase it further.

Gynecologists can assess a pregnant woman’s risks through extensive exams and diagnostic tests, such as amniocentesis, chorionic vitrous sampling (CVS), foetal echocardiography, non-stress test etc. These tests help diagnose complications like preeclampsia or fetal growth restriction which could result in early birth.

An expert doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancy takes an integrative approach when treating her patients, working closely with each individual to develop a plan tailored specifically to them. She may suggest healthy diet, lifestyle changes and the use of prenatal vitamins/folic acid supplements prior to giving birth as preparation measures; furthermore she will closely monitor any potential complications during the gestation process.

Treatment Options

Pregnancy is an exciting, life-altering event that requires special care to ensure both mother and baby remain healthy during gestation and after giving birth. Unfortunately, unexpected conditions may arise that place both at increased risk of complications during and post birth; high risk gestations is defined as any gestation in which there are medical issues or complications which increase the risks to either party involved in the gestation.

Doctors utilize various tests and measures in order to diagnose and treat high risk pregnancies, including blood pressure monitoring and protein levels in urine, ultrasound imaging of the baby and placenta as well as non-stress testing to monitor heart rates of their unborn children. Depending on the severity of each case, medication for situations like preeclampsia might be prescribed, while scientific interventions such as nutritional modifications or reduced physical activity might also be advised by doctors.

Fetal medicine specialists are qualified to perform invasive fetal procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS), which can help identify issues that require treatment. With their comprehensive understanding of high-risk pregnancy and advice to expectant mothers on how to mitigate risks to both their own safety and that of their unborn babies, fetal medicine specialists offer invaluable support during high-risk gestationsal periods. They may also advise lifestyle changes to manage risks involved.

Post-delivery Care

Pregnancy can be an exciting but also emotionally taxing phase of a woman’s life, due to the demands placed upon both mother and fetus during gestation. If your medical history puts your pregnancy at an increased risk, consulting an experienced high-risk pregnancy specialist in Delhi early will ensure all conditions are managed effectively to minimize potential complications during your gestation period.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital specialists understand the complex dynamics involved with managing high-risk pregnancies, providing holistic care that puts both mother and baby’s safety first. Through consultations, these experts provide guidance, support, and tailored treatment plans designed to mitigate risks while increasing chances of successful outcomes.

At these sessions, experts assess maternal and fetal health by conducting various tests designed to monitor progress during gestation and motherhood. They offer recommendations regarding lifestyle modifications like diet modifications or reduced physical activities that can help minimise risks associated with gestation. Medication or medical interventions may also be prescribed if necessary.

Niraamaya Clinic founder Dr Bhumika Shukla is an accomplished and esteemed gynaecologist who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. With more than 10 years of practice under her belt and her friendly, compassionate nature ensuring patient comfort at every turn, this expert takes great pride in caring for each one of her patients as best she can.

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